Qaypurrs Birmans ~ Loving Cats in Central Iowa

About Birmans
The Birman breed is a wonderful and friendly breed.  They love people and do not like to be left alone as they will get lonely.  Since they are a little un-coordinated they are comical to watch since they will fall or crash into walls, furniture or you.

Patterns and Colors
Birmans are a pointed cat with white gloves, boots and laces.  Gloves white toes on the front legs.  Boots are white feet on the back legs.  Laces are an inverted white “v” going up the back of the hind legs.  Some laces go halfway up while others go all the way to the cats’ elbow.
Birmans come in a variety of colors.  Qaypurrs specializes in Lilac Point, Blue Point, Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Red Point, Cream Point, and Tortie Point.


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